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Days after his inauguration, President Barack Obama signed into effect plans to close the Guantanamo Bay detention facility within the next year. What do you think should be done with its remaining detainees?
I personnally think that if there is a shadow of a doubt that they are guilty then then should be teminated, maybe the electric chair or public hangings. Make them an example. If you  think you can bring terrorism to the United States, and get away with it,then you are going to die, and not by being a maryter.
In 2002, the Bush Administration declared that the detainees of the War on Terror were not eligible for rights under the Geneva Conventions. Do you agree with the Bush Administration's decision? How might you have handled it differently?
I totally agree with Ex-President Bushes plan for not giving detainees any rights at all. Think about our troops, would the terrorists give them any rights? NO they would not!!!

Writer's Block: Guarding the Terrorists

If you were ordered to become a prison guard for alleged terrorists and live at Guantanamo, what would you find most difficult about your job?
Knowing that the idiot in the White House is going to set the terrorist free at the end of the year with our tax money to help them build a new life-yeah like they really care about us Americans.
I met a few stars in my life-Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton, while I was working graveyard shift in a restaurant. I met Sally Field-same restaurant but different night, my family and I met Bill Engvall-after his show at the Nugget in Sparks, Nevada. A few years ago my family and I met Sean Hannity when he was out for a visit.

BTW, I do have the origional marriage certificate for Burt Reynolds and Loni Anderson-I found it while I was working security at one of the abandoned buildings in Reno, NV.

Writer's Block: Almost Famous

A lot of people tell me I look like Robin Williams, and a very young Kurt Russel-kind of like the one that stared on "Big Trouble in Little China."

If it were up to me I would want to look like Burt Reynolds, if nothing else I would get to drive his Trans Am-My favorite car.

Writer's Block: Challenges I’ve Faced

I was in the United States Navy for 8 years and during that time I went through a lot of changes-like learning how to control my temper, taking orders no matter how stupid they sounded at the time, and when I was overseas, I learned what it is like to be forced to take a buddy on liberty. I like to be alone.

Writer's Block: Jackpot

If you won the lottery, what would you do with your newfound riches?
I would pay off all my bills and then smear the names of all the bad people (some of my past bosses) and companies (wells fargo) that did me wrong.

Writer's Block: AKA

What's the story behind your username?
sacsailortiger1=I was in the Navy, stationed on the United States Ship U.S.S. Sacramento, I love tigers, and I want to be Number 1. 

Writer's Block: Desert Island Time

You're packing your bag for that magical desert island that happens to have electricity, a TV, and a DVD player—what five DVDs do you take with you?
1). The Five people you meet in Heven

2). The day after tomorrow

3). Austin Powers 1

4). Austin Powers 2

5). austin Powers 3

Writer's Block: Table for One

Do you ever go out to dinner (at a sit-down restaurant) by yourself?
I did that all the time when I was a long distance truck driver.